This year I have selected two types of images from Emma’s art note book for 2000-2001 – I call one solid and the other dancing.

“Solid” images:

“Dancing” Images:

Happy Birthday, Emma

and remembering that Emma wrote:

She sits on a mossy bank
where the river flows gently.
Filling with the spirit of water 
upstream and down.

and at that spot and on this day she flowed into the river.

Love Jamie


It is seven years since Emma went to the sea.

This year I am publishing pictures of the sea and the stars that Emma painted in one of her giant art notebooks in 2000 and 2001. After Emma died I bought a house that looks out to sea. Each morning I go with the dog to the cliff at the end of the garden and look out to sea in wonder and say hi to Emma. At night I walk out to look up at the stars in wonder and think of Emma.

We remember Emma on 23 June, the day she disappeared.



I found in Emma’s art note books for 2005-2006 a page she painted on her birthday.


Hello Birthday Girl Happy Birthday

Here are some colourful images taken from the same art book and a picture of Emma.
Emma2005-2006-0004 Emma2005-2006-0003 Emma2005-2006-0001

Coming Home to Me

Coming Home to Me

Wishing you Happy Birthday, beloved sister Emma, on this your birthday and every day as I look out to sea. Love Jamie

It is six years since Emma went to the sea.


Emma in Cornwall

On 2 May 2016 I was passing through London and saw my father, Ivor, who wanted to talk about his funeral arrangements. I asked, “What happiest times do you want remembered?” “Holidays in Cornwall,” he replied, “and Emma was so happy there.” So here are some pictures of Emma at some of the happiest times of all our lives. Our father died 13 June 2016, his three living children around him. We will spread his ashes, as he wished, in Cornwall.

We remember Emma on 23 June the day she disappeared and our father Ivor on 24 June at his funeral.


Peter, Jamie, Ivor, Emma and Sophie

Peter, Jamie, Ivor, Emma
and Sophie

In 2014 we went to Devon and Cornwall to where Emma had been happiest as a child. We visited Emma’s godmother Mary Holborow and her husband Geoffrey. Geoffrey showed us a 1962 photo album with a picture of Emma at the beach in Cornwall.

IMG_4784We also went to visit Damer Bay where our parents took us as children, a place of happiness that Emma wrote about in her journals.




It is five years since Emma went to the sea. It was a beautiful day five years ago and there were dark clouds inside. In 2002 Emma painted a 4×6 sketch book full of pastel paintings. In the sketch book there are many contrasting images, below are a few, the first of blackness and the beautiful sea.


Blackness & Sea


excitement … lostness … satisfsaction


let me out … scream … help

2002Emma0072002Emma003 2002Emma0052002Emma004 2002Emma009 2002Emma008

Emma in 2009

May 12 2009

Emma had been to Devon in 2005.
“Image Journey to Devon”

Emma 2005 Devon 001

On the next page she writes & draws of “life & death:”Emma 2005 Devon 002

Emma returned to Devon in 2009 to Dartmoor.

Emma 2009 Devon 001
On the next page she write of “Birth and Death”:

Emma 2009 Devon 001 1

Through her walk on Dartmoor she wrote her poem
“Song of my Heart, Call of the Land.”
(It is on the side bar to the right.)
In 2010 on Emma’s birthday we found the place
where she had written in her poem:

She sits on a mossy bank
where the river flows gently.
Filling with the spirit of water 
upstream and down.

And we poured her ashes into her poem,

so in her words,

Emma 2009 Devon 001 2

“She is reborn, HOH”